Termination of Employment and Ash Valerius Ash Essay

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To: , Marketing Division Manager
From:, Group Marketing Manager
Date: March 8, 2013
Subject: Dismissal of Employee, Ash Valerius

Ash Valerius is one of the most creative and productive marketing specialists in our division; however, deep tensions and discord have been created by Ash’s aggressive personality, which makes it unpleasant for most colleagues around him. Half year ago, he was disciplined because of a disruptive public confrontation with a co-worker in the company cafeteria. Moreover, Ash is not a responsible team member, and rarely attends staff meetings without any reason. Ash has received warnings and was explicitly told the possible consequences, including dismissal, of not changing his unacceptable behaviours in the company.
Recently, Ash Valerius was involved in an accusation of uttering remarks of a racist and homophobic nature to one of his colleagues. Ash did not deny the charge, but he claimed that the colleague was maligning his political beliefs. However, after an informal meeting with all the managers in the team, we reached to the same decision, and we strongly suggest dismissing the employment contract with Ash Valerius.
It will seriously affect our team’s morale if management does not properly penalize
Ash’s continuous arrogant behaviours. The possible outcomes of not dismissing Ash could be losing employees that had worked well for us in the past, lowering the cohesiveness and performance of the team, and increasing grievances between colleagues. On the other hand, management should also be prepared to the possible impact of terminating Ash Valerius. Since Ash is one of the top performing specialists, the marketing effectiveness might be decreased for a short period, when our company will be recruiting for the vacancy of marketing specialist. As well, our company needs to be careful considering all legal aspects of firing Ash. Since Ash is an aggressive and cantankerous employee, and since he claimed that a manager insulted him as a
“fascist”, he may accuse our company wrongful dismissal related to his political beliefs. According to his behaviours, I conclude that Ash Valerius does not fit in our team environment, and he should be dismissed for the recent “uttering remarks in the workplace that disparage a person’s race or ethnicity, religion, political beliefs, or sexual orientation.” To avoid the same situation, I recommend employee probationary period to our company, where team managers can observe the employees’ behaviours in workplace, rather than HR manager having full control on recruitment.

Dismissal for State Laws Violation
March 8, 2013
Dear Mr. Valerius:
This is to notify you that your employment will terminate, effective March 15, 2013, due to the violation of state laws in California: Uttering remarks in