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TerraCog Case Study

TerraCog, Inc. is a privately held company specializing in high quality GPS and fishing sonar equipment. Although TerraCog was not always first to market with their new products, they were known for surpassing their competitors in addressing consumer needs because of their innovation in creating exceptional product design and functionality.
In 2006, TerraCog’s competitor, Posthaste, launched BirdsI, the only handheld GPS with satellite imagery. Caught off guard by the product’s success, TerraCog President, Richard Fiero, makes a snap decision to satisfy the “gadget” appeal of BirdsI by launching the company’s own version of the competing GPS called Aerial. However, as TerraCog moved forward with the
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There was also a lack of clarity around who should be on the team and the nature of each individual’s role. At each key meeting regarding Aerial, there seem to be an absence of key stakeholders present. The inconsistency of participation at each meeting suggests that this is not a dedicated team but rather a manifestation of individuals forced to complete a task. As a result, TerraCog should implement a cross-functional team to effectively allow individuals from different departments to exchange information while promoting cohesiveness. Moreover, the establishment of a team leader is imperative to Project Aerial’s success as it operates in a multi-team system that allows different teams to coordinate their efforts to produce a desired outcome
There are three alternatives that Emma Richardson should consider when identifying the go forward plan of Project Aerial. The first alternative is to launch Aerial at the full retail price of $475. The advantage of launching at this price point is that TerraCog would again be a competitive force in the industry and would be answering the call of Posthaste’s launch of BirdsI with a superior product. This would allow TerraCog to remain the leader in innovation and prove that they are in fact successful in satisfying consumer demands. The disadvantage of launching at this price point is the price itself. Although