An Essay About My Life Start

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Wienecke Terrance
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My Life Begin

My biggest life experience recently was moving to Fresno California on my own last year for school and basketball. To me that was going to be a huge life experience living on my own for the first time. I had to prepare my set to live on my own and learn lots of stuff. Like cooking my own dishes for me I had to learn to pay my own bill like the rent and PGE and what to wear out there because it gets cool really fast it’s central California. So moving day came I was really excited because I am moving out of my parents’ house and I am all packed up and ready to go start my new life. I went up there for the summer program and to put all my stuff in the apartment oh yeah one of the plus was going to move in with one of my best friends from back home. Well I said my good byes to my parent and brother I think it was really hard on my dad for me to leave because he’s been there to watch me play basketball since I was really young and Fresno pretty far from Palm Springs so he would barley catch any of my games. But I think are connections father and son got stronger just because we could talk about anything together. He also was a college athlete at UCSB so he told me lots about the college life and what’s it about he told your student athlete first and then a basketball player. So I was there for the summer program getting to know the team and the coaches I was going to be in Fresno for a good three weeks. But something happen out of those three weeks my best friend from home was getting home sick and was really thinking about going home I was kind of getting home sick too but some of my teammates help me out with that but with my friend he only had me up there. So guess what he told me he was going to leave and go to school down where were from I tried talking to him out of it but there was no changing his mind. Well okay my friend was gone and the summer program was ending and I was meeting new friends and getting to know the area of Fresno a lot better. That three weeks was up and I was going