Effects Of Twin Towers

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The reason I chose the crashing and falling towers because this was the horrific event that occurred on September 11, 2001.The second photo shows people running in hysterically, this emphasizes how scared and terrified those people were because of the terrorist attack. The third photo is of an American newspaper, which in its headline shows how the U.S reacted to the attack and how they displayed the terrorist to America. The 4th picture is of the original twin towers because the terrorist attack. This represents the beauty of the tower and how we will never forget about the attack. The last picture shows firemen outing up the American flag after the attack of the Twin towers. This represents not only bravery from this firemen, but also patriotism.
Terrorism is simply when a person creates terror in the hearts of others. Terrorism can be extreme violence, and is usually used display extreme hate against a social group, a religion, or even a government. Terrorism does not just cause property destruction, but is also very expensive to repair. In a physically states, many deaths and damages to private, public, or government property may occur. In a psychological state, a nation’s sense of security may occur after an attack. After 9/11 airports bumped up their security and regulations became more enforced, the Department of Homeland Security adjusted their whole system to prevent terrorist attacks, and the Patriot Act was passed, allowing the government to easier rules to