Essay on Terrorism and Dear Amnesty International

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Dear Amnesty International,
I am writing to tell you about human rights and how it relates to the world about terrorism. Terrorism is the global problem nowadays that threaten the life of every person on the earth. The major purpose of all rules should encourage and enable people to join their forces against terrorism and win it by common efforts. The government should recognize the supreme importance of this problem.
To solve the global issue of global terrorism, we must try to find the back ground of it, to analyse the actions of countries taken against terrorism, and the social attitude to this occurrence. Current global policies are unable to stop the spread of terrorism and are doing a poor job to diminish it. Mass media leads active struggle against terrorism but very often this process isn’t connected with definite well-known terrorists. They blame whole nations without any division. The consequences of such actions are expected: people begin to hate not terrorists as a whole but relate terrorists with specific nationalities, such as Arabs, for example. Terrorism as a national occurrence is a great problem and its understanding can help us to find the resolution.
Knowing the definition of terrorism is necessary for the world to take strong actions to overcome this global trouble. The definition is an arguable one and that is why very often its different interpretations can be used in the own interests of some individuals. As a whole terrorism translates in