Terrorism Dbq Analysis

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Peter Rodman, assistant secretary of defense for policy and international security affairs said ¨The enemy’s message of course, is a gross distortion of American Policy. It is at bottom an incitement to hatred, extremism, and terrorism.” (Thinkexist).Terrorism is a serious subject of late. A lot of countries are trying to combat terrorism to protect their citizens. Some countries are effective and some aren’t in their ability to combat terrorism. This depends on their access to weapons and how fast they can react to the situation. Despite concerns with money and safety there have been historic acts of terrorism that still continue to occur to this day that show the government should be limited in their ability to combat terrorism.

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This caused a lot of conflict between the Native Americans and the U.S. government. The government had the power to make the trail of tears happen, and since they saw the Native Americans as terrorists, they should have limited power just so they can’t make such a sad event happen again. Slaves were oppressed back when slavery was a serious issue. On the 4th of July the Americans celebrated their freedom because it was independence day. The slaves disliked this because they didn’t have the freedom that the Americans had. (Document G Civil War). The U.S. had so much power that they could enslave other humans and not get super serious about it for a while. In the constitution it even said the issue of slavery wasn’t going to be touched for at least 20 years. Abraham Lincoln said that it was more important to keep the Union together than to abolish slavery. This is why they United States government should be limited in their ability to combat terrorism. The Monroe Doctrine was a way to combat terrorism from the western hemisphere of the world. It said that …show more content…
The PATRIOT Act was a bill to help stop terrorism that allowed high government officials to intercept information and look through people's’ devices and information (PATRIOT Act-Summary). The PATRIOT Act was an example of how easily amendment 4 can be bypassed; therefore, the government should be limited in their ability to combat terrorism. Donald Trump recently dropped a MOAB which is the largest non-nuclear bomb that the U.S. has in the Middle East (U.S. drops MOAB-CNN). Donald Trump didn’t have to have the people's support on this choice because he is the commander in chief. As commander in chief he has more power than most people which allows him to drop bombs without approval from the citizens. This shows that the government has too much power because they can drop the largest non-nuclear bomb into a country and not be confronted by many people. Also, the U.S. spends the most money on anti-terrorism efforts, and it isn’t the country with the most terrorist attacks. In fact, the U.S. spends more money on anti-terrorism than the next 7 countries on the list combined (Cost of fighting Terrorism-CNN). This is why the national debt keeps increasing. If the U.S. was limited in its ability to combat terrorism, then all that money could be used to help better the county and the citizens, but instead it is going to a different country. Clearly, the U.S. should be limited in their