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Nate Gold
December 2nd 2014

17,800 people were killed by terrorist organizations in 2013. Innocent people trying to live their lives or soldiers trying to stop the terrorists were killed by the less than human murderers. They kill for their so called God, but what God would order people to be so violently killed and cities so brutally pillaged. But this war on terror which began just after September 11 2001 is not a pointless war. On 9/11 there were 2,996 casualties, which included 343 firefighters and 59 police officers. Without a means of defense the terrorists will continue to bring this fight to American soil and kill our people, which is exactly why we need to deploy more troops.

This war on terror isn't strictly political war, but this runs deep in the heart of Americans. Especially those who lost loved ones during the attack on the Twin Towers. Some like to say that America is just out looking for a fight, and actually I may agree with them but for a different reason. They say that they think America is looking for a fight because they don't support the war on terror. they feel like it is a waste of money and we're putting lives at risk for no reason. but this war on terror is also payback. payback for the attack on American soil. funny how most of the people who don't support the war on terror for those who didn't lose love ones 13 years ago. Despite our financial problems and lack of solid executive leadership, this great nation is one of freedom, liberty and independence. Great men and women have fought for this country since 1607 when the first colony was established in Jamestown. we got knocked down from the Pearl Harbor attack in 1941 but we got right back up and join the war sure enough for years later than August 1945 we stood up against our oppressors and sent Japan up in flames.

ISIS is threatening our country and our citizens. They made the mistake of executing are citizens to try and make a point. They think its cowardly for the US to attack them with drone strikes, but it's the only way to try and defend ourselves and protect innocent people without applying at least 15,000 combat soldiers in Iraq and Syria. We need to deploy combat soldiers to protect the innocent people in the Middle East and try to take down the terrorist groups like the Taliban al Qaeda and price. All three groups are threatening America and are trying to gain control over the Middle East. but Isis is the most powerful terrorist organization and