Terrorism: United States and Best Option Essay

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Responding ro Terrorism: Policy Options
(Option 3; Defend out homeland)

How would you want to handle the issue of terrorism? I believe the best option for us as a country is option three defend our homeland. This is the best option because we have troops overseas occupying land, we have too much foreign involvement and lastly establish national identity could tighten immigration laws. I will elaborate in the paragraphs below. First, we have troops and bases in other countries which could spark terrorism or violence towards the united states. By having troops overseas may make others feel controlled by us, So acts may be towards us to be liberated from us. Another way this is a problem is that some countries do not want the American ways to influence their culture and people. In a way we're terrorizing them with all of our weapons and troops in another leaders country such as Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf. Next, I think we too much in involvement in national affairs. When the United States helps a country and loans them weapons they use against us, as we discussed in class. With every ally there is an enemy. So by picking someone's side causes hostility with the opposite country rather than be neutral when it comes to foreign involvements. We must focus on our home to figure out the best way to protect our country.
The, I also think we should establish an identity card, tighten immigration laws, practice ethnic profiling in certain circumstances and allow