Terrorist Incidents In Great Britain

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he following is a list of terrorist incidents in Great Britain, including incidents where people were arrested under the terrorist laws and later released without charge, but excluding events in Northern Ireland – a part of the United Kingdom.
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1 Attacks involving violence or serious threat to life
1.1 1970s
1.2 1980s
1.3 1990s
1.4 2000s
1.5 2010-present
2 Prevented, failed or aborted attacks
3 Arrests, detentions, and other incidents related to the Terrorism Acts
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Attacks involving violence or serious threat to life1970s[edit]
1971, 12 January: Two bombs explode at the house of government minister Robert Carr. This attack was one of 25 carried out by the Angry Brigade between August 1970 and August 1971. The Bomb Squad was established at Scotland Yard in January 1971 to target the group, and they were apprehended in August of that year.[1][2]
1971, 31 October: A bomb explodes in the Post Office Tower in London causing extensive damage but no injuries. The "Kilburn Battalion" of the IRA claimed responsibility for the explosion.[3]
1972, 22 February: The Official Irish Republican Army kills seven civilians in the Aldershot bombing.
1972, 19 September: The group Black September post a letter bomb to the Israeli embassy in London killing an Israeli diplomat.[4]
1973: The Provisional IRA exploded a car bomb in the street outside the Old Bailey. A shard of glass is preserved as a reminder, embedded in the wall at the top of the main stairs.
1973, 10 September: The Provisional IRA set off bombs at London's King's Cross Station and Euston Station injuring 21 people.[5]
1974, 4 February: Eight Soldiers and 4 civilians are killed by the Provisional IRA in the M62 coach bombing.
1974, 17 June: The Provisional IRA plant a bomb which explodes at the Houses of Parliament, causing extensive damage and injuring 11 people.[6]
1974, 5 October: Guildford pub bombing by the Provisional IRA leaves 4 off duty soldiers and a civilian dead and 44 injured.
1974, 22 October: A bomb planted by the Provisional IRA explodes in London injuring 3 people.[7]
1974, 21 November: The Birmingham pub bombings, 21 killed and 182 injured.
1974, 18 December: Bomb planted by IRA in the run up to Christmas in one of Bristol's most popular shopping districts explodes injuring 17 people.[8]
1975, 27 November: IRA gunmen assassinate political activist and television personality Ross McWhirter.[9]
1975, 20 December: The Ulster Defence Association (UDA) bombed Biddy Mulligan's pub in the Kilburn area of London. Five people were injured. It said it bombed the pub because it was frequented by Irish republican sympathizers.[10]
1978, 17 December: Another bomb planted by the IRA aimed at the Christmas shoppers in Bristol takes out the department store Maggs injuring seven people.[11]
1979, 17 February: The Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF) bombed two pubs frequented by Catholics in Glasgow, Scotland. Both pubs were wrecked and a number of people were wounded. It said it bombed the pubs because they were used for Irish republican fundraising.[12]
1979, 30 March: Airey Neave killed when a car bomb exploded under his