Tesco Edition 16 Teacher Guide Leadership Styles Essay

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Teacher guide
Leadership styles - Tesco
Where does the lesson fit?
This session would fit in a Managing People or
Human Resources module, preferably following by the session relating to factors affecting the choice of leadership style

Suggested resources & activities related to leadership styles and Tesco

Full Tesco case study
Leadership Styles PowerPoint
Factors Affecting Leadership Styles lesson resources
Tesco crossword
Tesco word search

Suggested timings for the session
5 mins
5 mins
5 mins
15 mins
20 mins
10 mins

Starter e.g. Tesco crossword
Use the Leadership Styles PowerPoint to discuss the topic
Read the case study
Task – creating a presentation in small teams
What have you learned?

Answers to questions
1. What is leadership?
Leadership is concerned with influencing, motivating and inspiring people.
2. List the three different leadership styles commonly used in organisations.
· Autocratic (Telling)
· Democratic (Sharing)
· Laissez-faire (Hands-off)
(Other leadership styles have been identified, however, such as
Paternalistic (Selling) and Participative (Sharing))

3. Explain the difference between an ‘I consult’ approach and an ‘I share’ approach to leadership.
With a consultative approach, the manager still makes the final decision but will consult with the workers beforehand. With an ‘I share’ approach the workers are involved in the decision making process, with each member having equal input.
4. Analyse why some managers may be happy to adopt a laissez-faire style of management. Managers may adopt a laissez-faire style