Essay on Tesco Information Systems

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Tesco Information System

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This paper is generally about information systems in an organisation. To illustrate this further, the author will specifically look at Tesco, an organisation of choice. This paper intends to highlight a specific information system––management information systems––and explore it thoroughly using the various analytical models in relation to Tesco. The illustrations will draw from various related information system schematics and draw examples of how the organization in question - Tesco - has put them into use. Description of the Organization (Tesco) Founded
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To get to this goal, Tesco saw it necessary to boost its efficiency pertaining to the customers by processing their orders from its compound conduits. Moreover, the firm had to place a maintenance limit to its cost. Information systems have developed into a vital feature in running an organisation, considering it is an impetus to the organisation’s supply chain (Stapleton and Murphy 2003). Furthermore, it gives an arena for the amalgamation of the whole organisation into a single block. Following the rapid innovations of technology, information systems are growing by the day. The end result is the emergence of various information systems that have already been stated above. In a calculated move aimed at elevation of its competitiveness, Tesco has integrated a transaction processing system (TPS) into its supply chain (Friedlos 2007), which has been made possible via the development of Tesco Direct (Tesco 2009). The invention is assisting clients to place orders of non-edible stuff that the organisation is dealing with before ensuring that the goods are delivered to clients’ residences. The organisation has since introduced an official webpage, and this has amplified the efficiency of this service (Amatya 2005, 5). Individuals were definitely enjoying a comfortable process of consumption thanks to Tesco direct products. The major challenge that