Tesco Marketing Strategies Essay

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Tesco: expanding at the highest rate in the global market


In today’s world most of the companies depend on its global strategies as it plays a crucial role to succeed in the throat-cutting competition between the companies.

This report of international strategic management explains how Tesco introduce, devise and implement its international strategy to strive against the other companies in this rapidly changing market conditions.

In this report we are also going to illustrate the significance of international strategy for the survival of the organisation and to what extent Tesco became successful on a global scale by using various analytical tools and globalisation drivers. And what challenges has Tesco faced during
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They focus on the changes occurring within the market and in the customer’s behaviour.

4. Use multi formats- In this rapidly changing market conditions everyone needs a change. It is very important to use multi-formats in order to gain competitive advantage. Tesco has long experience of international expansion therefore it is easy for them to move to different formats as they have done in Hungary and Czech republic by opening express stores.

5. Build brands- Brand image is very important for an organisation. As it helps to build strong relationship with the costumers. In this dynamic world now we have to think again about the global branding. As according to Theodore Levitt “we have to change our distinctive approach and try to make use of different techniques.” Tesco has opened his first branded store in china in 2007 known as Tesco Legou. Tesco has finished the re-branding of its stores.

6. Develop capability- Tesco recruit home grown managers so that they can easily understand the emotions and the requirements of the costumers as they are aware of the culture of their own country.

Tesco is continuously expanding all over the world as it has opened his stores in Eastern Europe, China, South Korea. Tesco has also opened supermarkets in US known as “fresh & easy” the concept is mainly based on express stores.

Tesco is also planning to introduce various schemes and future development programs like the re-launching