Tesco Project Essay

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Submission Date : December 13th , 2012

Table of Contents I. Introduction 2 a. Summary of E-business in the hypermarket Industry 2 b. Objectives and scope of the report 2

II. Body 3 a. Background of Tesco 3 b. Purpose of Tesco’s E-business Strategy 4 c. Benefits gained by Tesco with its strategy 5 d. Identify and Criticise ( Study Case sample ) 6 e. Tesco’s business strategy with its implementation and the needs/demands in online shopping 9

III. Recommendations 10

IV. Conclusion 11

V. References & Bibliografy 12

I. Introduction a. Summary of E-business in the hypermarket Industry
E-business is a term used to describe businesses run on the Internet or using Internet
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* To create the advantages and opportunities that e-commerce is an effective marketing strategy Tesco Direct understand. * To discover the importance of the relationship between e-commerce and marketing strategies for the sustainable growth of Tesco Direct. * Within such as e-commerce can offer competitive advantages Tesco Direct. * To generate possible reasons for the adoption of e-commerce Tesco Direct. * To determine whether a problem Tesco Direct approached to perform e-commerce on the basis of a SWOT analysis. f. Identify and Criticise ( Study Case sample )
Supermarket and Hypermarket Industry : Market Research Reports, Statistics and Analysis
Global Supermarket & Hypermarket Industry
Global sales of food in supermarkets is expected to generate sales of more than $ 1.7 billion in 2015, according to a report by Global Industry Analysts. The growth was driven by the increasing importance of consumption. Distributed to supermarkets first appearance in the United States were the world with supermarket chains to secure their place in the top of the chain in the world. Due to the effects of the economic recession, the number of visits to the supermarket decreased consumption in recent years.

However, increased support through visits because of a trend that will see the consumers avoid eating for purchases at supermarkets willing to have