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4.2 - 4.2.4 Company Snapshot
Place in industry- Tesla falls into the luxury car and automobile industry. Tesla Motors falls under three specific markets, Luxury Vehicles, All-Electric Vehicle, and Sports Car. Luxury automobiles currently take up about 15% of the automobile market. The automobile industry is dominated by manufactures like BMW, Mercedes and Cadillac. The industry as a whole generates $87 billion revenue and $1 Billion in profit last year. According IBIS World projects an industry annual growth rate of 3.5% for the years 2013 to 2018. The major market share holders are Toyota Motor Corporation (15.6%), General Motors Corporation (15.3%), Ford Motor Company (12.0%), Hyundai-Kia Automotive Group (11.4%) and Honda Motor Co. Ltd. (8.5%).

Figure 5 demonstrates that mid-size and full-size sedans are the most popular car segments holding 44.1% of the total market. Secondly a compact and subcompact car holds 36.2% of the total market. Tesla Model S has three main options, 60kwh, 85kwh, 85kwh, Model X and the
SUV currently in development

Petroleum is still currently the dominant energy source in the US and it has significant implication for the economy. Throughout the years as fuel prices continued to increase there has been a greater need and demand for fuel efficient hybrid and electronic cars. Pure electric cars remain a niche market, making up less than 1% of total U.S. car sales. In today’s market auto manufacture offer many options of vehicles models that use alternative fuels and other innovative technology reducing the use of petroleum.
Rivalry with the automotive industry is very competitive. However, within the electrical market in which Tesla position itself, the rivalry is somewhat modest because of small number Of competitors the main of which are Nissan Leaf Tesla Motors Model S currently captures the luxury, high end and environmental conscious market and high performance market. Their performance is superior to competitors with acceleration and speed. Tesla can get up to 300 miles on single charge.
Fairly young companies they have remain completive due to their alliances with major automobile companies Tesla’s main competition within the overall automobile industry is within the “green” vehicle market that includes cars such as EV, PHEVs and hybrid vehicles. Through extensive analysis Tesla’s main competition seems to be themselves, General Motors Volt, Nissan Leaf, BMW i3 and Daimler (Mercedes Benz) vehicles. Tesla can expect some large competition within the next 5-10 years because all major car companies are preparing to launch an electric and/or hybrid vehicles in a wide range of price ranges. In the next year we expect the EV market to become very competitive. Tesla S Model
Chevy Volt
Zero Emission
8 Year Battery
Eco Friendly/No Gas Needed
300+ Miles Per Charge
Free Maintenance
85% of the car is recyclable
Updates technology
Brand Recognition
Mid-Size Sedan
Zero Emission
Price- 35,000
Represents 45% of market in pure electric vehicles
100,000+ Sold around the world
Advance Technology

Luxury Brand Name
Gas still used
Model Recalls

Fully/Electric Battery
Government Incentives
Unique technology
American Made
Charge From Home

American Made
Government Incentives
Fully Electric

Luxury Car
Sports Car
Electric Car
38 miles per Gallon
Battery Power
Saturated Hybrid Market
Battery Power
Saturated Market
Luxury EV manufactures
General Motors is a major future threat to Tesla if, as planned, Tesla decides to enter the small hybrid market within the $30,000 price. GM current development of the Volt looks to target the remains the electric/hybrid car market. The Volt is designed for approximately 40 miles of battery power and has a gas engine that automatically recharges the battery, therefore prolonging the range of the Volt for up to 640 miles. While Tesla is still a fairly young company that have done