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Momentary happiness of Tess
In chapter XVI of Tess, this description creates an image of happiness and hope of Tess: “Either the change in the quality of the air from heavy to light, or the sense of being amid new scenes where there were no invidious eyes upon her, sent up her spirits wonderfully. Her hopes mingles with the sunshine in an idea photosphere which surrounded her as she bounded along against the soft south wind. She heard a pleasant voice in every breeze, and in every bird’s note seemed to lurk a joy.”(Hardy, p121)
This scene happens when Tess leaves home the second time, on the way to the dairy after her miserable experience. And this entire paragraph is filled with hope from Tess and also creates a feeling of carefree. This can be shown by the imagery throughout this how passage: “quality of the air from heavy to light”, “sunshine in an idea photosphere”, “pleasant voice”, and also “every bird’s note seemed to lurk a joy”. By describing the atmosphere around her, this passage actually is indicating Tess’s feeling. For example, “the quality of the air from heavy to light”, it express that when Tess leaves the place where she is “on invidious eyes”, where “the air” can be seen as a symbol of her mood - is transferring from “heavy” to “light”, this indicates she is more happier and feels more relax. Moreover, “the sunshine in an photosphere” and “bounded along against the soft south wind”, this phrase as well shows a great image of the environment around Tess. This creates an image that “the sunshine” is surrounding by her in a sphere and protects her from the “south wind”, she is the one who will not get any hurts and separate from the whole world. This shows