Essay on Tess vs Jane Eyre

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The Comparison between Jane Eyre and Tess Jane Eyre and Tess, two famous literary characters in the Victorian Period, there are many similarities and diversities between them. It is very helpful to do the paper work through studying theirs similarities and diversities. 4.1 The Comparison of theirs Background In Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre, the heroine’s family was very poor, and she lost both of her parents when she is very young, then she became an orphan girl and had to living rely on her aunt Mrs. Reed.
Jane Eyre’s life was destitute, but she never lost her dignity, although her social background was very inferior in that snobbish capitalist community. She was come from the inferior classes of people, and it predestined
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Jane wished for equal, but all of them told her that she was under obligations to her aunt and cousins.
At the age of ten, Jane Eyre had a chance to go to school; she was so happy that she could leave her aunt’s. But she soon found out that, the school was not as good as she thought it should be, but even worse than she could imagine. The girls worked for more than ten hours each day while bearing coldness and hunger, for the owner of the school didn’t offer enough food or clothes. Many of them died, and Jane lived on, stayed there for ten years, she was really tenacious of life.
When she graduated, she refused the suggestion of becoming a teacher in her school, but intended to go into the world. She soon found a job in Thornfield as a governess; at there she met Mr. Rochester, her master. They got on well, and Jane helped Mr. Rochester a lot, then Jane found that she had fallen in love with him.
When Mr. Rochester announced that he was going to be married with another young lady, Jane felt hurt; she packed her things in silence, and refused to remain when Mr. Rochester asked her not to leave. She didn’t consider herself as servant, but she thought she and Mr. Rochester was equal, that’s why Mr. Rochester respected her.
Living at moor house was another turning point in Jane’s life. At there she found her sisters and brother, which was the most treasure thing to her. But things were always changeable, to be the wife of Mr. River tortured her so much, what she knew