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Test 1
1. ignore=pay no attention=not pay any attention=take no notice=not take any notice忽略,无视 v.
2. encounter=face=confront=meet遇见,遭遇v.
3. mistaken view=misconception错误的观点n.
4. easy to reach = accessible容易达到的adj.
5. change =modify(modification) 改变v.
6. destruction=destroy=loss毁坏n.
7. investigate=make inquiries=enquiries=go into=probe=look into 调查v.
8. where=geographical location 表地点
9. important = vital=essential=crucial重要的adj.
10. reason=cause=factor=origins=root=stimulus=impetus原因n.
11. protect = guard=safeguard=shield=conservation保护v.
12. newspapers, television =media媒体n.
13. where to live =habitat居住地n.
14. get warmer= global warming变暖n.
15. contribute to=play a part有助于v.
16. survive =continuing existence幸存,活下来v.
17. curriculum= course=syllabus课程n.
18. link to = be connected with=be linked with把…和…相联系v.
19. underdeveloped=degenerated=rudimentary不发达的adj.
20. poor= bad=badly=not very good=no good at something=weak
21. exceptional=good=excellent=outstanding=brilliant=impressive= admirable超常的,例外的adj. 22. mating=courtship交配v.&n.
23. follow=track=tail=shadow=hound=stalk=stalker跟随,跟踪v.
24. good vision ability=vision is obviously more useful…好的视力
25. best=well=greatest=finest=ideal=top=number one
26. surprised=amazed=astonished=astounded= be taken aback=startled感到惊讶的adj.
27. volunteer =subject实验研究对象n.
28. similar =resemble=like=alike相似的adj.
29. blind =can not see瞎的adj.
Test 2
1. initiative = on your own/by yourself=independently=on your own initiative=under your own steam= to be the person who starts something=plan=law主动的,自发的adj. 主动权n.
2. increase=go up=rise=grow=climb=gain=escalate= pick up=widen=be on the increase=intensify=expand= build up上升,增加v.
3. teach = educate=train=coach=instruct=bring up教学v.
4. more than one language = bilingual=sb's second language
5. determine= establish=identify=pinpoint=diagnose 决定v.
6. young people=teenager=youth=in your teens=adolescent=minor
7. community = all the people in a particular area, city, country etc.群体,团体,社区n.
8. traditional=old-fashioned=outdated=outmoded=unfashionable传统的adj.
9. fail =failure=not succeed=unsuccessful=vain=fruitless =unproductive=be a failure=go wrong=not work=do no good=fall through失败v.
10. endanger = to put someone or something in danger of being hurt=damaged=destroyed危及,使危险v.
11. diverse=varied=variety=wide-ranging=mixed各种各样的adj.
12. inevitable=certain to happen and impossible to avoid不可避免的adj.
13. differ from=unusual与…不同v.
14. reluctant= unwilling=not willing=drag your feet=be loath to do something=conservative勉强的adj. 15. consult= ask somebody's advice=seek advice=get/obtain advice资询v.
16. alternative=another=other=different=new=else= variation=variant另一个n.&adj.

17. therapist= someone who has been trained to give a particular form of treatment for physical or mental illness临床医学家n.
18. retrain=taking courses再教育v.
19. salary= pay=wage=income=earnings=fee工资,收入n.
20. long-term=chronic=long-running=long-standing= lasting=lifelong=prolonged=lingering=enduring=abiding= incurable长期的adj. 21. complaint=complain=make a complaint=protest=object =complain抱怨n.
22. illness=disease=virus=bug=infection疾病 n.
23. connection= relationship=link=correlation联系 n.
24. beneficial= be good for you/ do somebody good=wholesome =nutritious=nourishing =healthful有益的 adj.
25. insight= comprehension=understanding理解,见解 n.
26. physical= relating to the body=bodily身体的 adj.
27. hazard= risk=danger=threat障碍,危险n.
28. accompany=with=together=along with=come wit陪伴,伴随 v.
29. mental= relating to the health or state of someone's mind
精神上的,心理的 adj.
30. possible= possibility=can=potential=there is a chance/possibility
31. reduction= decrease=drop=fall=cut 减少 n.
32. class= type=kind=sort=style=category=variety种类n.
33. rehearsal=practice=training=run-through=exercis排练,演习 n.
34. peer= your peers are the people who are the same age as you, or who have the same type of job, social class etc同伴 n.