Creationism In Schools

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Here is a bunch of notes on why Creationism should be taught in Public schools. Here you go.
School board approved intelligent design, Dover, Penn.
To exclude anything but Darwin is fraud
Intelligent design: legitimate science? Federal court decides
Oct. 2004 Dover, Penn. School board required high school science classed to tell students evolution not only option. Intelligent design as well.
Organisms too complex to evolve through evolution alone. Some must be created by designer. Bold new scientific theory. Based on science, not religion, therefore should be discussed in class. opening path of inquiry, new ways to think. Critique of scientific doctrine of evolution is science as well.
Gaps in evolution exist, intelligent design option
SOME MAY ARGUE: Rechristianize American society? No! Science. Should be researched.
Federal Court: 6 week trial. Modern biology was exihibit A.
Goes against fundamental beliefs. Parents mad
Equal time for creationism in schools.
Less than 10,000 old earth; God created everything fully formed in 6 days.
Scopes Monkey Trial 1925. Violating State Law by teaching evolution; Guilty. Verdict: text book publishers said evolution was too controversial so wasn’t taught. 1960’s it was slipped back in. Creationisms battled in court.
1987: Federal Court said creationism in school violated constitutional “separation of church and state” Establishment clause: congress cannot promote or prohibit any form of religion. School excludes all other theories, and that’s wrong. 1/3 to 1/2 of American population rejects Evolution. Source??? Democracy!! Thomas Moore Law Center: Intelligent Design could pass constitutional guidelines Discovery Institute Intelligent cause, intelligent agent: God Evolution may produce small scale changes; human needs intelligent cause Darwin’s theory not fact, has gaps. ACLU of Penn.: Americans united for sep of church and state Sep 2005; Kitzmiller V Dover Area School District= intelligent design is legit edu goal to make students aware of other scientific theory. Gaps & probs in theory is good liberal edu. Bush agrees. So narrow science?! Why! Intro to new ideas is science Judge for trial appointed by Bush, biased. Intelligent Design does not have to be any better than