Test Preparation For Sociology

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Test Preparation

On Sunday, January 26th, a couple of classmates and I held a brief study section in lieu of the upcoming Sociology midterm next Tuesday. We started off the study session by basically going around the circle and just addressing anything that people had the most trouble with. In a general sense, it seemed like the majority of the group maintained a good understanding of a lot of the concepts from the lecture. The next step we took were to match up with a partner and review the listing questions; in preparation for short answer questions that would most likely appear on the exam. Following this, one of the study partners took the liberty of making a matching section for the sociologist and their theories; which in the long run, probably ended up being the most helpful exercise as it helped me differentiate between a lot of the concepts and tell which one is which. I ended up scoring an 81% on the midterm, which is great considering my academic position last term and will likely continue the entire group study method again in the future.

Conclusion & Summary Synthesis

The Big Picture Planning aspect o the time management section allowed me to look at my entire term as a whole at one time, which is not something that I have ever done in the past. By doing this it takes a lot of stress off as I now know when everything is due and nothing sneaks up on you, also it gives me an idea of how I should be managing my time as I approach important due dates. I also found out a lot of due dates that I was not currently aware of until I did this so that is another positive thing that came out of this. Next I did the Scheduling/Priorities Calendar, which gave me a really good idea of how I should really be sending my time so to effectively make use of it. My parents always told me to make a schedule and to follow it because when things start to get hard and confusing, its something you can look to for some order in your hectic