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Response to “The Mighty Big Love Test” In “The Mighty Big Love Test”, Suzanne Roberts writes about her one hundred fifty mile kayaking trip with her boyfriend. She describes the trip as a relationship test. Throughout the trip she seems to be very unconfident and she feels embarrassed for her lack of experience with kayaking in the ocean. Her boyfriend was very experienced because he had been a kayaking instructor before. I found this passage very interesting. I’ve been sea kayaking before but I’ve only been a couple of miles out. It would take full determination and will power to be able to kayak twenty miles a day. I thought it was funny how Suzanne continued to freak out when she saw the shark even though her boyfriend told her that it was a nurse shark. Throughout the whole journey the boyfriend had total composure and control over each tough situation and Suzanne just had to do what he did. I was very surprised when Suzanne’s boyfriend told her to hit a person over the head with her paddle if they tried to grab on to her boat. It made sense but there’s no way that she would have done it. Suzannes “practical” boyfriend showed her that he loved her when he offered her his hat. It seems like it would be any girls worst nightmare to have to do that in front of her boyfriend. I was happy that Suzanne was able to hold it and go behind a palm tree because I would’ve been embarrassed for her if she wasn’t able to. It’s funny because the story starts out with Suzanne…