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Revew for History Test
Section 1:
Sugar Act-
Stamp Act- They create the Stamp Act Congress after this act, this congress successfully repeals the stamp act
Tea Act lead to the Boston Tea Party
Townshend Act
Intolerable Act/Coercive Act- closes Boston Harbor
Quartering Act- lead to the Boston Massacre
Know about the Boston Massacre
First Continental Congress established:
Declaration of Rights
NO more taxes
No more soldiers
Trade can be regulated
Secret alarm system
Paul Revere, Jeremy, Dawes
Revere gets captured
We loss this battle
They were more organized and ready.
They won

Section 2
2nd Continental Congress
They set up a military
And official currency
Peace or necessity of taking up arms
Battle of Bunker Hill- Loss
The British siege Boston
Washington pushes loyalists out to Canada.

Declaration of Independence Inspiration:
John Locke: natural rights (life, liberty, and property) and the government needs to protect those rights.
Thomas’s Paine “Common Sense”
Mayflower Compact
Bill of Rights
Magna Carta
Declaration of Independence:
Grievances or complaints
Taxes without representation
Troops ( Martial Law)
They called a king a tyrant
Unfair trials because they were trialed in Britain
Section 3
Women helped:
Helping out/supplies
Dressed as soldiers
African Americans fought for the British because Lord Dumore’s Proclamation promised they would have their freedom