Testimony and Unoccupied School Bus Essay

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Review Questions

1. Generally, Pursuant to rule 404 when may a criminal defendant introduce evidence of his character?
2. Martin visits his Attorney, Joe Johnson, to discuss his impending criminal case. Martin’s girlfriend, Mary Jane, accompanied him to Joe’s office. During the meeting, Martin tells Joe that he robbed a bank three years ago. Ultimately, Joe represents Martin at trial. The prosecuting attorney calls Mary to the witness stand and asks her whether she was sitting in on the meeting between Martin and Joe. If Joe Johnson objects to this question, what would be the likely result?
Answer: Overruled- Spousal privilege doesn’t apply here.
3. Attorney Vinny meets with his client, Kobe Bryant, to discuss the specifics of a contract Vinny is drafting for Mr. Bryant. During the course of this meeting, Kobe tells Vinny that he blew up an unoccupied school bus three years ago.
a. Is this information privileged?
Answer: Yes, it is privileged.
4. After Dr. Ramsey accidentally amputates Amare Stoudamire’s leg while removing a splinter, the doctor offers not to charges Mr. Stoudamire for services rendered. Can this evidence be introduced in a malpractice action?
Answer: No, it can’t come in because it’s a malpractice action.
5. Plaintiff Jason was driving when he was hit by a car driven by Casey. Casey gets out of his car and states that he would pay Jason $500.00 if he would not call the police. If Jason declines Casey’s offer and proceeds to trial, can the statement be used against Casey at trial?
Answer: Yes, it can come in. You were offering it for another