Testimony: Truck and Sister’s Arms Essay

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Austin Igene.

Testimony Ready to go to school with my sister and we had to take the bus. We were inside the bus at the bus stop when surprisingly a truck driving in an opposite direction of the bus my sister and I were in, drove over a pavement and collided with a moving bus beside ours. The force of impact from the truck was so great that the bus it hit moved side ways to hit the bus my sister and I were on almost turning it over, with me sitting at the window seat of the side that was hit. The bus then went back to its upright position before everyone in the bus ran out. I took to my heels on an overhead bridge standing in shock and my knees trembling not even thinking of my sister because I was in so much fear. I looked down at the scene - the truck had demolished the left side the other bus and worst of all I could not believe my eyes when I saw the laid on the floor with so much blood around as that was my first of seeing dead bodies. Then after seeing that, I immediately remembered my sister and ran back down in search of her. With a large number of people gathered around, I found it difficult moving around being a little boy back then. I was getting shoved form place to place as many people just wanted to see what had happened. I begun calling my sister’s name out loud in hope that she would respond to my calls. Minutes passed and I got tired of shouting then I heard my name and I knew instantly that it was my sister calling me, and I ran out of the crowd there she was away from the chaos. I took to my heels again that morning into my sister’s arms with tears running out of my eyes. I had never been so joyous and happy to see my sister because we always fought and she was older than me. I was so relieved when I was in he arms and then she hit on the head and said “where did you go, I have been searching allover for you” . That was the first time I did not react to her hitting me. After an awkward reunion, we walked back home with no harm or whatsoever afflicted on us. When we arrived home, my