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Jonathan Velez 11/11/12
Child Labor Child Labor is one the many results or situations during the industrial revolution. The industrial revolution was a massive upgrade to the selling market during 1750 to 1850’s back then. Even if the industrial revolution was a big success for the market, it was bad for others. Mainly the workers who worked hours on end producing goods in factories. The main work forces back in the day were children who were under the age of twelve! With so many kids working at such a young age in factories their there are bound to be problems. So a legislation was to be made and a court case to see if legislation was to be made to see if the legislation was to be passed or rejected. The legislation was to ban children working under twelve. The court case was hold by Michal Sadler and had two sides, one for the legislation and one against it. One of the witnesses who were for legislation was Eliza Marshall a kid who worked in a textile factory and her body has given out and become weak, her life is ruin and shows the example of why kids shouldn’t worked in factories.

Not only did Eliza set an example why kids should work in factories, but then William Blizzard. A Doctor who examined the children in the factories and found out the area they were working in was polluted terribly and the air was not healthy to breath in, which ruined a lot of children’s lungs. That also was of their argument was the work place. Also not to mention Eliza Marshall worked her entire life and has become deformed. This lead to another argument which was that if children work too long they will be deformed sooner or later in their life’s.

Not only did the side for the legislation give arguments but the side who was against the legislation also gave arguments. One of the many arguments that William James said that “The kids need to work so we ourselves can make goods and not someone else in another country.” We can’t have America losing out on money. Also another argument made by Hennery