Testing of Employees Essay

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Issac D. Gray
OMM618: Human Resource Management
Testing of Employees
Professor Dr. Daniel Nation
Monday December 16, 2013

When a company decides that their employees are being overworked they know it’s time for more employees. When the decision to hire more employees has been confirmed it is then time to make a determination what the duties would be. Once these duties have been determined it is then that the members of management categorize the sensitivity of the material in which the candidates will be responsible for. Once the sensitivity is determined it is then time to organize the employee selection test that will need to be administered. Management has to take consideration of the sensitive material in which the employees will have to handle. When there is confidential information such as social security numbers, medical information, and any other personal information of the clients in which the employees may come into contact with. With this kind of personal information being handled it is important that the candidates are having a background check conducted on them. The company would not want to risk the chance of facing a law suit because some of their employees have attained this confidential information and is using it unethically. Therefore management would like to run a criminal background to make sure that the incumbent is not known for fraud or stealing individuals’ identity. There is also the fact that management would like to make sure that they are not hiring thieves. In some positions there will be the necessity for the employees to handle money. When there is money involved in daily transactions it is necessary that management know what type of people they have handling their money. Therefore it is important that the members of management schedule a credit check background. With this credit check the better the individuals score the better of a chance they will have to get the job. When an individual have a high credit score they are less likely to steal money from the company to try and cover up any debt in which they have occurred. There is also the skills test in which some companies will insist that their incumbents take. There have been reports that just having a resume to introduce the candidate is not the best way to choose an employee. It has been found that 42.7 percent of resumes contain misrepresentations or errors concerning job titles, education and dates of employment reported by the individual (Steenwyk, 2008). With these resumes it has been reported that many people will portray that they are the person in which the company is looking for. They will have their resume to reflect that they are knowledgeable of all the skills in which the job will require. Once you give them a skills test it is then possible for the hiring committee to determine if the individual is actually capable of handling the job. There have also been some companies that believe that the individual needs to be compatible with the company. There is a test created by Myers-Briggs. There have been companies that use the Myers-Briggs Personality Inventory which is designed to measure the work styles, personality and communication styles of individuals (Steenwyk, 2008). It has been proven that an individual’s personality will need to be compatible with the culture of the company. When there are various personalities trying to cooperate in the same department