Testing Potential Employees

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Testing Potential Employees
OMM 618 (MFG133OA)
Kimbrea Johnson
Professor Maja Zelihic
August 5, 2013

Testing individuals as part of the hiring process is very tricky. You have to make sure to remain bias and not display characteristics of discrimination. There are many test out there designed to see how honest people can be along with the test that look at someone’s mental capacity. In this paper I want to discuss the various testing methods out there that employers use to screen potential employees and if they are effective.
In reading one article on testing it focused on personality testing of potential employees. Personality test come in all different forms and are used for different reasons. You have the psychological test that look at a person mental capacity to handle situations, all the way to integrity test which looks at how honest people will be. A lot of these test are used to weed out the less desirable employees, in doing so employers have to be careful to not put things about race, religion or sexual orientation in the test because that is discriminatory and could result in a lawsuit. The article clearly states “This benefit can only be realized, however, if the employer uses a test that is in itself not biased or discriminatory” (Eisenbraun,G.2006). Basically these can be useful of you utilize them the right way. These different tests are shown to be defensible by law and it helps to predict the behavior and mindset of that potential employee. This is why I am not shocked to see that they are being used more and more often as part of the hiring process. Personality tests have a number of potential advantages to an employer. If testing is done properly it may very well help an employer find an employee that fits their mold. In addition to the test offering insight into a potential employee it also allows for the employer to weed out less than desirable employees. These types of test paired with interviews paints a broader picture of the potential employee versus just an interview.
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