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Computers in Nursing

Intro Lab 1 Bernadette Dimaandal

List five things that make a “good” PowerPoint presentation and five things that make a “bad” PowerPoint presentation.

Good PowerPoint Presentation 1. Keep it short, at the maximum an hour to fully get the attention of the audience 2. Fewer slides are better 3. Use graphics and color 4. Create legible slides 5. Do not read the slides

Bad PowerPoint Presentation 1. Reading slides to the audience 2. Unorganized slides 3. Too much transitions used 4. Irrelevant graphics/animation/charts 5. Too much use of colors, audience goes blind just looking at the presentation

According to the Presentation Requirements document posted on our course web page, what are 3 things NOT permitted for your presentation for the course.

1. Do not use any video

2. Do not use the internet while presenting 3. Do not use audience feedback

Select five of the topics listed under Research Project Topics document on our course web page and for each of these topics:

Find 3 websites providing information on that topic Come up with a short description defining what the topic is about

1. Operating Room and Computer -­‐ computers can be used to assist surgeons in both initial education and in learning new skills. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1307159/ http://www.chca.ca/news.php?op=preview&read=17&lang=en http://ebiquity.umbc.edu/_file_directory_/papers/328.pdf

2. Robotic Body Parts – how it is possible to live half human half robot, there are so many body parts that can be replaced by robots http://mentalfloss.com/article/12586/8-robotic-body-parts http://askabiologist.asu.edu/plosable/half-man-half-machine-becoming-robotic http://www.buildtheenterprise.org/building-a-robot-out-of-human-spare-parts 3. Smart Pumps - capable to help avert high-­‐risk medication errors http://www.fda.gov/MedicalDevices/Safety/AlertsandNotices/TipsandArticlesonDeviceSafety /ucm245160.htm http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK133356/ http://www.psqh.com/janfeb07/smartpumps.html

Wireless Nurse – a product manufactured and designed to make communication easy and fast between nurses and their clients within an institution http://www.wirelessnursecall.com http://www.aidcall.co.uk/healthcare/ http://www.elpas.com/products/Hospital-Nurse-Call-Integration.aspx 5.

Nursing and Computers -

focuses on finding ways to improve information management and communications in nursing