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Testing a Theory

In the last couple months my toddler is come into her terrible twos as most parents know. She has been having major tantrums and pushing just about every button. This has been making things much harder to do. I am not only in school but I am also a full time single worker. So the theory I have been testing is timeouts, most people that I talked to say that a 21 month old is too young for a time out. First thing I did was read on what and how a time out works. I did tons of research to find out the best techniques to use. Using my computer I visited many sites on toddler’s behaviors. What I found was I need to pick a punishment and sticks to it make sure everyone was on board, like the babysitter. My research took time and the first couple times it did not work at all. I have been consistent; although the tantrums are still there it is getting better. I know that she needs the structure and I need the sanity. What I found about my research is that even though the first time failed I did to give up I just had to find a different method. This is similar the methods used to psychologists archival research. I looked up the information already available to me and then I tested the theory. Because Of the subject I had choice it was a good learning opportunity not only for me, but for my little one too. So there is not ending with it there is always another opportunity to do something different. I know that if this method starts to need improvement as she gets…