Testosterone and Steroids Essay

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Banning of Steroids in the World of Sports


Skylar Buss

Composition and Speech II

Mrs. Meade

15 March 2013

Thesis: Ever since the beginning of sports there has been different techniques used in order to gain an edge over opponents. The question that has been most frequently asked is, which of these techniques is considered cheating, and which ones are fair game?

Introduction What sport it started in What other sports it went to what it known then?
The use of steroids now is it overused? The bodybuilding community Recent events with steroids/juicing what are the effects of steroids on the body/mind Reproductive system Cardiovascular system nervous system
When or why should it be allowed? or not? for what sport to create an even playing field Misconceptions

Ever since the beginning of the era of athleticism, man has always searched for the improvement of both strength and endurance that would have him stand on the shoulders of giants of those before him. Things that the common athlete would search for is the intentional increase of testosterone, which is a male sex hormone that induces muscular hypertrophy as well as strength. How men would attain them would either be by the consumption of animal’s testicle’s or tea brews made from plants like Peruvian Maca. It was only until the discovery of the finer methods of manipulation of our hormones had scientists discovered that you don’t need to take supplements in order to raise your testosterone. Instead, create a synthetic version in which to implement into your bloodstream to directly affect your body with its anabolic capabilities. But, are synthetic hormones going too far with the improvement of physical performance? Should athletes and bodybuilders really risk their mental an physical health just to get a few more inches on their arm size? We now fast forward to the 1930s, where scientists created the artificial anabolic steroid that could help the growth of muscle in laboratory animal’s, this then reached the public as a supplement for athletes to use as a performance enhancer and a medicine that could be used for quicker recovery after a hard workout. The use of anabolic steroids was widely known to have been used during professional baseball. During the slow introduction of steroids to the society, athletes would take anabolic steroids to make them faster, and strong enough to hit the ball farther than their opponents. During this period, many all-star players like Babe Ruth, were making new home run records that were beyond anyone before them easier and this is where this started to concern other players as well as the public that were watching them. As much as the use of steroids brought an advantage over the opposing team, this was not the only method that was used to gain the upper hand over whom they were versing, like: bat corking, bribing the officials, and stimulants. The question that has been most frequently asked for the use of steroids was, which of these techniques is considered cheating, and which ones were fair game. The use of steroids is now the most well-known form of cheating in recent sports history, and drove many sports commissioners into a full investigation, that has led to unique unprecedented punishments. Professional stars must realize that they are huge role models in today’s society, and are influencing young athletes all over the world.
Any player in today’s society knows that there is a major punishment for using any kind of performance enhancing drugs. Not only do they get suspended immediately, but if and when they return are often booed by fans and are basically embarrassed in front of the entire league. Since steroids have been such a major subject of late, and such closely watched, I think anyone who tries is just asking for trouble. If an athlete in one of the major sports is caught using