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Chapter 1-17 Study Guide
Characters  their traits/development (or not) and impact on Janie
How do they challenge her? What does she learn from each?
Strong, Independent
Living with Washburns & Nanny
No sense of self
Pear Tree
Growing up, becoming a women
Discovering her sexuality
As Mrs. Killicks
Starts to look at horizon, hope/possibility/growth
Starts to figure out what she wants in a marriage - not working like a mule
As Mrs. Starts
Treated as an object instead of a human
Janie lost her voice in marriage - speaks out in the end
Joe changes
As Mrs. Woods
Has a voice
Happy, in love - pear tree marriage
Part of the community - found her voice
Phoeby Watson
Somewhat dependent
On the edge of the town gossip and being on Janie’s friend
Porch Sitters
Watching, judgment, gossip
Challenge Janie by judging her
Janie learns not to listen to them
Janie’s grandmother – mother figure
Thinks Janie is a woman and needs a husband
Johnny Taylor
Janie’s first kiss at 16
Logan Killicks
Janie’s first husband
Janie leaves him after a year
Fat, ugly, selfish, unromantic, - loveless marriage
Represents power because money and land
Tries to dominate Janie by making her into a mule

Joe Starks
Janie’s dream come true
Ambitious gentleman – has plans and goals he is setting out to achieve
Smooth talker, mysterious
Janie’s second husband
Makes Janie live a life she doesn’t want
Tea Cake
3rd Husband of Janie
10 years younger
Judged – “gold digger”
Full of life, optimist
Railroad worker
Easily pleased, people pleaser
Treats others as equals
Becomes possessive over Janie
Makes her work with him
Beats Janie for control
Mrs. Turner
Racist- black
Rude to those blacker, grovel to those whiter
Challenges Janie’s mindset and the knowledge she grew up with
Allows Janie to grow
Janie learned to stand up for herself
Inner battle between MRs Turner’s thoughts and Janie’s
Challenges Tea Cake
Inspires jealousy because he’s “too black”
Thinks Janie believes her
Tea Cake whips Janie to show Mrs. Turner he is in control of Janie
Settings how it contributes to Janie’s growth
Washburn farm
No sense of self
Logan’s farm
Realizes marriage does not mean love – dream dies
Finds her voice and stands up for herself
Confinement-Janie wants more
On display
Joe’s arm candy
Makes him look good
Not an equal
Stifles her voice
Joe takes it away by making her seem small
Not supposed to think or have ideas
Express her voice and opinions
Speaks freely

Power, control
Usually used when the other person won’t conform
Gender roles
Men beat their wives when wives beat back
Women supposed to be submissive
Finding voice and language and how to use it
Voice is silenced when she feels powerless
“big voice”
Voice is his power
Speaks to