Texas Government Vs State Government

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Cuong Phan GOVT-2306 Professor Sherry Sharifian 2 May 2017 Local Control in Texas In a state, there always exist two types of government which are state government and local government.
The ability to issue new policies of state government and local government are significantly different. While the state government has over controlled the state, local government usually has to ask permissions from the state government to issues a new policy in a particular area.
Local governments are far superior to state governments because local government regularly communicate, observe and respond to problems in that area. So, they can have a better understanding of what is going on and how to fix it. Furthermore, local control could help lawmaker considering
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As a result, it reduced the consumer and GPD significantly. Also, when the civil right is taken away, state the government will intervene. According to texasvox.org, the Texas Legislature has decided that many cities in Texas should not have rights to protect their community from pollutions by fracking oil, gas industry activities poses. The reason is that both local government and state government need money. In fact, Texas senators and representative receive a lot of money from oil and gas industry every year. Furthermore, those industries try to get a good relationship with local government and state government officer by contributing money to campaigns. Therefore, the Texas Legislature issues bills which protect oil and gas industries instead of people’s health and safety. State enforcement of environmental laws is a weak organization. They could not do anything to opposed those bills due to lack of resources and their courage. For …show more content…
The state government takes overcontrol the local government to earn more interest from oil, gas industries which are one of the biggest polluters. In another word, local control is puppets of state government. For example, red light camera is one of many problems making people so mad. The state government makes a lot of money from this. The red light camera is just a machine which has no brain. Sometimes, it is malfunctioned. It reports drivers violating they are right. So, they need to pay a lot of money for that without any reasons.
Local control is affected by state government significantly. Basically, state government has all control local government. However, state government usually issues policy which benefits themselves and ignores people living in there. In my opinion, I believe that state government needs to listen to local government about the problems of that county, city. So, they can draw a better way to fix the problem.