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Was the Texas Revolution justified?
The Texas Revolution was justified because of the rapidly increasing population of the
United States and the American belief in Manifest destiny. The war with Mexico was the result of an ever increasing American population that was anxious for more land, needed mostly for more farmland to feed the nation, and for the development of new cities, since many had become overcrowded. The strong American belief in Manifest Destiny also helped make the
Texas Revolution justified. In the 1820's, Mexico wished to attract settlers to the vast, sparsely populated State of
Texas. American settlers were eager to go, as the land was plentiful and good for farming and ranching, but Mexican citizens were reluctant to relocate. Mexico reluctantly allowed
Americans to settle there, provided they became Mexican citizens and converted to
Catholicism. Many took advantage of colonization projects, such as the one led by Stephen F
Austin, while many more simply came to Texas and stayed on vacant land. Americans were eagerly searching for more farmland and this was where it was at. The settlers soon hated being under Mexican rule. Mexico had just won its independence from Spain in 1821, and there was much chaos and fighting in Mexico City as liberals and conservatives struggled for power. Most Texas settlers approved of the Mexican constitution of 1824, which granted many freedoms to states (as opposed to federal control).
This constitution was later revoked, angering the Texans (and many Mexicans as well). The settlers also wanted to split from Mexico and form a state in Texas. The Texan settlers were initially offered tax breaks which were later taken away, causing further tension between
Texas and Mexico.

In conclusion, the Americans firmly believed that the Texas Revolution and the expansion of the US was justified, so it was. They needed more land to grow and prosper as a country. The
Texas Revolution helped shape the foundation for modern America. The American belief in manifest destiny also helped justify the Texas revolution.

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