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Texas State fits me best because of their abundance of different opportunities. My personal favorite about Texas State is that there are a variety of education programs, how homelike the living areas are and the location of the school.
Texas State is located in San Marcos, Texas between Austin and San Antonio. It is a four year public university. Texas State has the 5th highest retention and graduate within 6 years. An average of 32,572 students enrolls each year. Around 62% of Texas States students are female, the rest are male. Out of all the Texas State students 34% of them are from ethnic minorities. 23% are Hispanic, 5% are African American, and 3% are Asian, 1% Native, 1% International, and 1% other. The other 65% are white.(“Cappex”) Majority of the the Universities students are between the ages of 18-24, which makes up 24.8%, 15.4% are under 18, 10.7% are 25 to 44, 10.7% are 45 to 64, and 72% are older than 65. There are a too tall of 24 degrees offered for undergraduate students, those include : BAAS, BA, BAIS, BBA, BESS, BFA, BGS, BHWP, BHA, BM, BPA, BS, BSAG, BSCLS, BSCD, BSCJ, NSHIM, BSFCS, BSW, BSRT, BSRA, BSRC, BGT, BSW. As far as graduate degrees offered, there are a full range of programs in the applied arts, business administration. Education, the fine arts, general studies, health professions, the liberal arts, and sciences. A couple of the special programs Texas State has to offer are Health Professions Program, architecture, medicine, Pharmacy, veterinary medicine, and physical therapy. (“GATO”)
It is moderately difficult to get into Texas State. As a freshman you must have successfully complete the recommended or Distinguished High School Program or the portion of the Program that was available. One must have scored at least 1500 out of 2400 on the SAT for verbal, math, and writing or 18 on English, 21 on Reading, 22 on Math, and 21 or science for ACT. (“Baugus”) More than 75% of freshmen were in the top 50% of their graduating class. About 8,827 freshmen apply each year, about 6,479 are admitted, and about 2,801 enroll. 88% of freshmen live on campus. In order to transfer to Texas State one must have 30 transferable credits. Around 3,900 transfer students are accepted every year. On average of 13.311 people apply for the first time at Texas State, but only around 4,108 actually enroll. The last day apply for Texas State is May 1st and it is a $40 application fee.
The housing is more of a first come first serve deal. The freshman, however are guaranteed on campus housing. At Texas State they have coed dorms, which is not common in many universities. They also are allowed to have pets in their dorms. Fraternity and Sorority hosing is not on campus. Some fraternities and sororities don’t even have housing. The costs for the dorms range in various prices. All information about prices of the dorms could be found at restlifetxstate.edu.
The price to go to college is not cheap. One has tuition fees which usually are about $4,680, if you out of State 12,420, Room and Board fees $5,310, Books and Supplies $950, and persona; expenses $22,370. Financial aid is available at Texas State. The average loan for financial aid is $2,395. About 1,937 fall time apply a year. On average 1,275 judges to have need financial aid, but only 1,200 actually receive aid. When apply got financial aid one must have FASA, it is required.
Campus Life at Texas State is very interesting. The have many activities including Bands, choirs, dance, musical theaters, radio stations, student newspapers, Men volleyball, and hide-and-go seek club. There are over 300 different clubs at Texas State. (“Freeman”)
BSN is one the nursing programs Texas State offers. The curriculum is 130 hours, within 65 hours of Texas State core curriculum and pre-requisites and 65 hours of nursing courses. The students will spend their first 4 academic semesters completing the core and pre-requisite courses at the local community college or at the main