Texas Vs Johnson Character Analysis

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Throughtout life, people have been judged for nearly anything. But it's mostly just about how others are different from the "social norm". From the quote by Barbara Jordan that was talked about in the texts; "Texas v. Johnson Majority Opinion, The Lottery, and My So-Called Enemy," many of the characters deal with others who aren't similar to them differently. The authors use their characters to fully express their views. Some have shown diverse acceptance to other people's views, but some don't and even try to discriminate.
After reading, the characters in Texas v. Johnson are accepting of people who have different opinions on a specific topic such as controversy. The most notable character who expressed their feelings of acceptance through their actions is Judge Brennan. On the other hand the U.S Supreme Court disagree with his ruling, and feel as if you should be punished for flag burning. As said in lines 1-2, "We decline, therefore, to create for the flag an exception to the joust of principles protected by the First Amendment." The U.S Supreme Court also discriminated Johnson in the article by arresting him for flag burning, which violates his First Amendment Rights. In addition, Justice Brennan shows how he accepts the flag burner because his actions did not violate the role of the flag.
In the
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As seen at the early start of "My So-Called Enemy", the girls are discussing their problems. I can see them trying to settle things from a conversation a group of the girls have about how each of them think about the after effects of the Holocaust. Though they do not share similar opinions on the matter at hand, the girls do seem to understand how another girl from the opposite country feels. From this, I can infer that the girls are doing a better job at accepting each other than in "The