Text Analysis 2 on Harry Potter Essay

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Text Analysis 2 on Harry Potter
The fifth to the seventh chapter begins the story of Harry’s first come to the magic world. After Hagrid’s visiting to the little shack on the sea, Harry begins his journey to Hogwarts. However, before his journey started, he still has some places to visit and people to meet.
In chapter five, Hagrid takes Harry to the Diagon Alley to buying school supplies and Harry finds out a lot of fascinating things there. He gets the chance to visit the wizard’s bank and buy his very first magic wand at the Ollivanders wand shop. Moreover, Harry meets his first schoolmate—Draco Malfoy who, is a boy with a pale and pointed face, and also arrogant. Malfoy seems to be very much against those “Muggle born” wizards, but why does he feel that way? The most obvious reason could be the background of his family. Draco comes from a pure blood wizarding family as himself pointed out at Madam Malkin’s shop. Thus, he has the superior feeling for his own blood which make him thinks only the pure blood wizards have the right to exist and be educated. Secondly, Draco pointed out that those “Muggle born” wizard students may have never heard of Hogwarts or even realize the exist of the magic world until they receive the letter from Hogwarts. Therefore, they are not familiar with anything in the magic society. To some degrees like Harry, he has no idea what Quidditch is and does not aware of the meaning of the four houses in Hogwarts. They do not have any knowledge about that magic, to Malfoy; those people are ignorant and boring. In addition, Malfoy’s family was once come to the side of Voldemort, Draco has heard about the story of Harry’s family since very little, he warned Harry on the train about not follow his parents pace, which indicates the resistance of Harry’s parents. Draco’s family came back to the good side after the defeat of Voldemort, and they could have suffered a lot of unpleasant time after their patron disappeared. Harry’s mother came from the Muggle family, and that could give the Malfoy family another reason to dislike the “Muggle born” wizards.
The Sorting Ceremony might be the first Hogwarts experience for Harry. Before they arrived at Hogwarts, Harry has already heard a lot about the distribution to different houses in Hogwarts, and he also has a little knowledge about the four houses, which are Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin. The question that occurs to me is why is Harry so unwillingly to go the Slytherin house? The first possible explanation might be the history of Slytherin. According to what Harry was told by Hagrid and Ron, every single witch and wizard who went bad