Essay on Text Messaging and Gps

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Karen Salgado
Mrs. Wagner
English 3
February 14, 2012
Distractions has consequences
On the news every day they talk about how there’s accidents all over the city. Some are drunk drivers, some just don’t pay attention, distractions, and others might even be because of their cell phones. All of these and other reasons are little things you can ignore. Although I believe most of these accidents are caused from people being on their cell phones. That’s why I think the government should enforce the Laws on driving and texting.
There are many reasons why your family tells you not to text so much. That way when you actually get to drive you are not addicted to your phone then trying to text everyone back, and if you don’t you get what you want, you desperate. It’s all about patience you got to be able to stop yourself from all the distractions and drive safely. Examples of things that distract people are radios, IPODS, GPS, make-up, DVD, kids, food, other accidents, animals on the street, slow drivers, people riding bikes, speedometer, answering your phones, and finally texting while driving.
Many drivers love listening to music, they all find music very fun and relaxing. Although they never think about how much of a big distraction the radio and their IPODS are. Some times when you relax too much it can also lead you to fall asleep when you’re driving. Others just to listen to the music way to loud and don’t concentrate on their driving. IPODS are even worse because whenever a song that you don’t like comes on you have that urge to want to change the song to a better one, but just by looking down to your IPOD for two or three seconds it can lead to many consequences that you would’ve never thought of. Overall I agree music is fun and relaxing but a lot of us need to control ourselves. Referring to not have the music way too loud and concentrate when you’re driving not just relaxing and not paying attention. If you don’t in the end they will always be consequences and I doubt anyone wants to go through them. GPS can be a pain and also dangerous. Yes we all want GPS it helps you get to places faster and the directions are very easy. Have people thought of what GPS could also do to you? No I don’t think so. They don’t know that GPS are a huge distraction having to be pressing buttons while you’re driving, putting directions in, and also looking at the GPS instead of the road. Many other people get distracted when the GPS “girl or boy” talk to you to tell you directions and saying “hi” honestly that is not necessary, others have also said that their voices are very annoying and it distracts them from driving because their laughing at the tone of voice the GPS has. The GPS causes a lot of distraction and it can make you get in a car accident. You could go to jail for causing the accident and possibly killing someone in the other car. It’s better for people to just carefully go over the places they want to go to and the directions instead of hurting themselves after. Girls, they have a big problem when they drive that problem also distraction is make-up. They can never leave without it! I understand that sometimes you don’t have time to put it on at home and that’s why women always put it on in cars. Although they really shouldn’t do that I as a girl know how it is to put make-up in the car and honestly it’s difficult. You have to actually take the time and put it on and doing that in the car isn’t exactly called taking your time. Girls always say “don’t worry I know what I’m