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Qur’an Allah
Forensic Science

Unit Two: Text Questions

Review Questions
1. Physical Evidence is anything that can establish a crime that has happened and anything that links the crime and the criminal. For example, weapons, fire arms, and hair.
2. Evidence can be recorded through Overview Photographs, which shows crime scene at wide angles, they expose entries and exits of the crime. The other is Intermediate Photographs, which are taken closer to the evidence, still expose the surrounding evidence, that also help show the evidence in relation to other objects in the room. Last is Close up Photographs, which focuses on injuries, a weapon, or a piece of evidence. It is taken to help with specific details.
3. The Chain of Custody is a list of everyone who had possession of evidence during the crime investigation. It is important because it shows who had access to the evidence, and it indicates that it has been in the possession of law enforcement individuals, from time it is found, and from time it is used in trial.
4. It is important to record a crime scene because the evidence is needed in order to prove that the suspect is guilty of the crime.

Critical Thinking Questions
1. It is important to secure a crime investigators can’t take the risk of someone accidentally contaminating the evidence. The hard part about this is that there might be a lot of people and sometimes it can be difficult keep the evidence isolated from a lot of people.
2. I think that photography is