Text: Text Messaging and Person Essay

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Texting – the ability to hold a conversation or relay a message to someone without physically being there in person. Gives you the ability to say things to people that you would normally be nervous saying in person.
Calling – you get to hear the person’s voice and actually have the realistic effect of the conversation.

Has Technology made people more impersonal?
Imagine the benefit of having the luxury of being able to send a written message to someone you have to talk to that you really would rather not talk to. Technology has solved yet another one of America’s problems. If you’re busy and don’t want to be disturbed, don’t have the time to have a lengthy conversation, or just don’t feel like talking nowadays you don’t have to. With text messaging you can simply send the person a message without actually ignoring them or not answering your phone. Text messaging is also beneficial when you can’t use your phone because a certain predicament you may be in and eliminates you totally ignoring the caller. Not to mention the fear of your called being dropped or you lose your signal when you’re on a very important or business call. However, although it’s a welcome option, it’s still not like actually talking to that person. Personally, I hate when someone would rather text back and forth and hold a conversation, instead of actually calling me. That can be quite annoying and time consuming. Sometimes you want to hear the person’s voice or hear his or her reaction to…