Textile and Soup Kitchen Essay

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Andrew Tom 2-8-14
La Salle Academy Religion 10
Community Service Reflection I volunteered at a soup kitchen called the “Catholic Worker” with 3 fellow students and a teacher. When I arrived to the soup kitchen I was tasked with prepping food and so were the other students. I was cutting onions while the other students cut potatoes and carrots. After I was done with prepping the food I went downstairs to the basement with a student to help fold clothes in the donation pile that the poor can take for their use. This part of the volunteering took less than 20 minutes. After we were done with the folding we went to the second floor and helped out organizing their linen closet by folding up blankets and stacking towels and blankets up. We then went back downstairs and helped with prepping the string bans for the soup kitchen. My experience at this soup kitchen was pretty good. I felt I had done something to give back to the community. I was able to help the people who run this soup kitchen with a lot of duties that needed to be done. As I finished this volunteer experience I learned that it is good to help others as best you can. I also learned that helping out in any way is beneficial to those in need. When I volunteered at the Catholic Worker I was able to help out the community. The part of the volunteering that resonates with me the most during this experience is the ability to help out wherever you can such as me simply cutting onions was helping because it took less time to prepare the food for the people going to the soup kitchen so they can eat it faster. Another example is folding the cloths in the donation area that people can take cloths for so its easier to see the cloths that’s available to them and not have to fish around for stuff they need. The last example is organizing the