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Students Being Allowed to Leave Campus During Lunch

Students spend most of their day sitting in classrooms. Eight periods each day for five days a week can become tiring and students should be allowed a break in the middle of the day, away from school. Although many parents oppose an open campus during lunch, it would give students the break they need. Students should to be able to leave school during lunch because the school would be able to provide lunch for less people and less crowded cafeterias. If students were allowed off campus during lunch then most students would eat outside of school and schools would not have to buy as much food. Spending less money can contribute to other departments of the school to improve education and a better learning environment for students. It creates a smaller lunch line giving students have more time to eat their lunches and more open tables and seats. It would create a more peaceful and quieter lunch room. Although the schools would save money on lunches, schools are concerned that students will be unsupervised and get into more trouble. It would be more likely that students would not come back to school or be late coming back from lunch. The school is responsible for students during school hours and if they were not on campus during lunch and something happened to the school would be responsible. Therefore students shouldn’t be allowed to wander by themselves in case of an accident. It is important for young adults to learn responsibility in order to be ready for college and even life as they get older. If students leave school during lunch they would be spending money on food and possibly gas and giving them the privilege to leave will help them better manage and spend their money. Also students will learn how to better manage their time in order to get back to school before lunch ends. Many parents complain that students will spend too much money and will not go back to school or will be late to school. Many students have lunch money from their parents and with cheap lunch prices parents have no problem sending their children with money however outside of school lunch is more expensive and parents don’t want to have to pay for expensive food and the gas needed to travel from school and back each day. Parents are also concerned that since their children aren’t being supervised, they won’t make an effort to go back on time or even go back to school at all. Parents are concerned they will not be aware of their children skipping or being late to school and students wouldn’t be getting the proper education. Many highschool students complain about their schools lunches during the week and are in a bad mood when there aren’t as many choices for them. If students were allowed off campus during lunch then they would have more of a variety to choose from, although it may be more expensive. Students will then enjoy eating their lunches instead of dreading their school lunch if they don’t like it. It will put students in a better mood throughout the day and create a better working and learning environment for both teachers and students. Many students in rural area would be driving during lunch if they were allowed off campus. Lunch is usually only forty-five minutes and with such a short lunch period students would be more likely to rush to get back to school. When drivers are stressed out and rushing to be somewhere they tend to me more careless and more likely to get into an accident. That creates a lot of stress for the school, who is responsible for the students and also the parents who do not want their children rushing to get back to school. Although there are many reasons students should not be allowed to leave campus during lunch it will give students more freedom and teach them how to be more responsible with both time and money while creating a happier, enjoying working and learning environment for the teachers and the students.

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