Texting and Driving Essay

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6,000 deaths and half a million injuries are caused every year by distractThese drivers, teens and adults, are distracted by everyday things such as eating, music, people, and cell phones. Texting and driving has presented itself as a serious issue that can lead to disastrous events. The most serious consequence of texting and driving is death. The death of someone causes a lot of pain and heartache for many people. It can also be a traumatic life changing experience for the person who was responsible for the death. Young adults, aged sixteen to twenty, are the age group who are responsible for these deaths. Most young adults don’t realize that texting and driving is more dangerous than even driving under the influence. Another consequence of texting and driving is breaking the law. In the state of Texas, as well as many other states across the nation, there is a ban on all cell phone use for bus and regular drivers. A cell phone cannot even be in hand while driving. If a person is caught with a cell phone it is considered reckless driving. Reckless driving can be punished with a fine and up to 90 day s in jail. Lastly texting and driving is simply distracting. A driver should be fully aware and alert of the road and other drivers around him. A car is considered heavy machinery and many people disregard that a car can cause serious damage. A driver’s reaction time is decreased at least 35% when texting and driving. In addition when holding a cell…