Texting and Driving Essay

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Texting while driving should be banned for all drivers because it causes many accidents that could be avoided, it’s a waste of money and time. When an accident occurs, this is because there is a driver who is not being careful and decided to take his eyes off the road and into his phone. For his mistake, he crashed into an innocent family where the pregnant mother died. This accident could of been avoided if the driver kept his eyes on the road. His decision lead the fire department, the ambulance and the police department to come and to make sure that everyone is O.K. At least 11 States have completely prohibited cell phone uses when on the road.
One reason why it should be banned is due to the fact that it causes many accidents that could be avoided. "33 percent of deaths among 13 to 19-year-olds in 2010 occurred in motor vehicle crashes" (Do Something) That is approximately 10,900 deaths in the year of 2010 due to texting and driving, and a grand total of 32,900 deaths. By banning the use of cell phones we could save more lives in the future than we would if we made the ban today. On average "66 percent of teens say their parents influence their cell phone use in the car, more than the law" (Teen Driving Source). If we are able to stop those parents then then their children wouldn't be grown up with something that is wrong. In this case the sooner the better, in this case the sooner the better because teens will no longer be influenced, therefore saving more accidents.
Texting while driving should be banned because it’s a waste of time and money. When there is an accident an ambulance, police personnel, and firefighters must respond to the accident, thus wasting time when it could be used for an actual fire or life threatening situation where it couldn't be easily avoided. The state, city, or nation must spend money on the awareness of the ban/law, enforcement of the ban/law, and to pay the workers that have to rescue the people in the accident. In 2009 there was a trolley accident that caused 49 people injured because “the conductor ... was texting his girlfriend”(MBTA: Conductor in Boston trolley crash was texting his girlfriend). This included 120 firefighters, but not including numerous amount of emergency workers on the scene. This accident and many more, came to a total cost of 9 million dollars because of simple things that can be avoided. Due to numerous amounts of vehicle collisions, AT&T has decided to donate one million dollars to spend on fighting this uncontrollable “disease” (AT&T to Spend $1M Fighting Texting While Driving).
In conclusion, the ban