Texting: Text Messaging: Corrupting Our World

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Miekah McCurvin
Research Paper
Oct 12, 2012
Text Messaging: Corrupting Our World People today are texting too much. We all need to text less for safety and human interaction .Texting has taken on various forms such as bullying, lack of face to face communication, causing many lives to be taken, humiliation by going viral with graphic videos and pictures. Texting has consumed the lives of many, especially teenagers. Even though, I enjoy texting I feel it is one of the unnecessary mediums. Texting has broken down interfered with face to face communication. Unfortunately, it has even crossed over main stream in the cooperate world. Texting has become a very global medium as well. With the advent of texting the English language is slowly fading away. People are so consumed in their phone that there is less human interaction. The English language is not advancing because everyone speaks the way that they text. Technology is at its advanced and the world is consumed in it.Text messaging is damaging human interaction and safety.
Proper spelling is almost becoming extinct. Words today are usually misspelled and sentences are abbreviated, i.e. WYD means what are you doing, IDK represents I don’t know, WAY means “where are you?, LOL stands for laughing out loud, UR means you are etc. it’s easier for teenagers to gravitate towards what is easy, proper spelling and grammar that is being taught in school is overshadowed by the texting lingo. Not only does it interfere with proper writing the danger side of it is texting and driving. Numerous accidents have taken place resulting in death or severe injuries. The sad part is that especially among teenagers and young drivers poor judgment is used when making a decision to text and drive. Most states have implemented laws with severe penalties when texting and driving. High way deaths and injuries have increased tremendously due to texting. Bluetooth’s are ear devices designed to be placed on your ear in order to have hand free calling while driving; designed to prevent accidents. Many drivers still don’t use it especially teenage drivers to young adults. Texting requires you to spend more time with your eyes distracted from the road because you’re looking at a smaller screen on the phone. Even though a text messages are typically shorter than conversations it still is a big distraction while you are driving. Texting may involve having two hands on the cell phone so now the focus is on the cell phone instead of on the road.
A study by the American Automobile Association discovered that 46% of teens admitted to being distracted behind the wheel because of texting. This distraction is alarming, because 40% of all American teens say they have been in a car when the driver used a cell phone in a way that put people in danger. The risk of crashing while texting increases by 23 times, because reading or sending a text diverts the driver's eyes from the road for an average of 4.6 seconds—the same as driving the length of a football field, blind, at 55 mph Teens are caught up with the infatuation of driving and not the safety of it all. While teens drive they are playing loud music, eating food and talking to their friends in the car. They may not be on the phone but they still are distracted from driving. For the simple fact that you’re not texting while driving does not mean that you’re safely driving. While driving it’s important to have all attention on the road because there are others drivers on the road whom may not pay attention to traffic signals and traffic signs. By not being focused and paying attention to other drivers can cause accidents. The accident rates of young drivers are at the max just because of texting. Cell phone subscriber rates have increased significantly since the 1990s, and that rate of increase was steady throughout much of the 2000s. However, the rapid increase in distracted driving deaths in recent years was more consistent with national trends