Texting while Driving Essay

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Texting and Driving
Chayanne Bourgeois
Chris Pylant

Texting while driving is a big problem in our world today, one out of every four accidents is caused by texting while driving. There are approximately two hundred and fifty thousand Americans who text while driving. According to the National Safety Council, there are about one point six million crashes a year caused by texting while driving.
Drivers of automobiles should be restricted from using cellular devices while operating a vehicle, because of the seriousness of accidents. It may seem like an innocent act, but can end up in a serious often fatal situation.

Staying off of your phone can be a really hard task, but if it means life or death I advice you keeping it out of reach while driving. Drivers who text while driving are three times more likely to crash, because their attention is off the road for about ten seconds. I think some drivers don’t really understand the seriousness of texting while driving, or how it can cause innocent people’s lives. You could be texting, and not paying attention, and hit a pedestrian causing injury to both of you is texting while driving really worth it? As a teen, I know that it is almost impossible to put the phone down. You have to see who on Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. You may be trying to see where the

parties at, or who hanging out but all that can wait. If you want to see who want to hang out, or who on social media, do it before you leave the house so you won’t be tempted to do it while you drive. About eleven teens die every day as a result of texting while driving. We see our phones light up and immediately want to answer it, thinking we are going to answer real quick then put the phone down. That’s not always the case, what if your best friend calls or text you with a good story that you been waiting to hear, you going to immediately pick up that phone and talk to her, but it is just not safe. There are many states doing things to stop texting while driving. The state of Utah fines offenders seven hundred and fifty dollars on their first offense, and the maximum time you can receive is fifteen years in jail. As of two thousand and ten, there are thirty states that have banned texting while driving. Utah also give a maximum fine of ten thousand dollars to those who crash while texting. Being that texting and driving is so serious, we need all of our states to come together and stop this addiction before it’s too late. Although states are cracking down on the issue, there are also ways to help you. You can turn off your phone before entering you vehicle, this will prevent you from knowing you have a text message or call, therefore you won’t use your phone. You can also put the phone in your glove department, or armrest and not access it until you stop, or get out of your car. Also, you can leave it inside your bag or purse until you arrived to your destination. There are many ways to save your life and others.

Sometimes, there are emergencies to where you have to use the phone. If things get to this point, there are ways to prevent your attention from coming completely off the road.
You can get a Bluetooth; this is a wireless hands free device that goes in your ears for you to talk on your cell phone. If you happened to have an updated car, they have built in Bluetooth’s all you have to do is connect your cellular device; Car designers are trying to save lives also. Knowing the risks of texting while driving a lot of people does it. Ninety four percent of
Americans know the dangers, but thirty percent of them still proceed to text while driving. Texting while driving is six times more likely to cause an accident than driving drunk. You’d think that driving under the influence would worse, but it is not because you’re still attentive while under the influence, but you’re not as attentive as you would be sober. While texting, you’re not