Essay on Texting and Driving

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Chantay Lowe
English 1301

Persuasive Essay

People should be cited for texting while driving because not only are drivers putting themselves in danger but also everyone else around them. Statistics have indicated that over 6,000 deaths and well over half a million injuries have occurred due to drivers using cell phones in 2011 alone. Drivers sending or receiving test messages take their eyes off of the road for at least five seconds which is enough time to cover an entire football field. One could only imagine the tremendous amount of damage that can be done driving across a football field with unopened eyes. “The more cognitive workload capacity that you consume, the less likely it is that you’re going to scan the road”
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Drivers who send or receive text messages should receive citations so that the safety of other drivers who actually drive safely can be ensured. The safety of other drivers on the road may not be important to other drivers, but there are families and people who care about them, and it would be devastating to lose someone over something that could have been so easily prevented. People should be cited for texting while driving because they put themselves as well as others in grave danger. Being able to drive across an entire football field with unopened eyes safely is beyond impossible for anybody regardless of how well they know the field. People should also be cited for texting while driving because in order to text while driving you must completely turn your attention to another subject meaning your attention is no longer focused on the road. However, people who text and drive are as negligent as drunk drivers, if not worse. To knowingly put somebody else’s life in danger should be a crime all its own. For someone to have enough power to take a person’s life in less than five seconds and not do something to prevent it show lack of judgment. But for a person to have that much power and not try to prevent an unnecessary event from taking place is simply idiotic and selfish. Therefore, people should have to reap the consequences just like any other criminal. On the other