Textual Analysis

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Textual Analysis as if analysis were the third of those impossible professions in which one can be quite sure of unsatisfying results. The other two, much older-established, are the bringing up of children and the government of nations."

"lt almost looks

_sigmund Freud

5 to 6 pages

The primary goal of this assignment is to help the reader of your paper understand "Late

To accomplish this, you are going to be asked to draw upon almost every tool and every approach that we have covered thus far in this class, as well as acquaint yourself with a few new techniques. We will be talking at length about this assignment over the next couple of classes, but be aware that at a minimum your analysis should attempt to make clear to the reader the following (Note that these are not questions tobe answered, necessarily, but questions to be asked):

. What issues are being addressed?
. . Who is the writer? What prompted the writer to write this piece?
{ . Whut effect did the text have on you? Why?
\. How does the author structure the text? Why is this structure important to


understanding of the text?
. Do you trust the author? Do you trust yourself as a reader? What are the filters that are in place?
. What is the wider context of this piece? Does it belong to a specific historical, social, economic,linguistic or cultural context? Does this context generate meaning that wasn't inherent in the text?

This type of close textual analysis is a required component of your final portfolio for this course, so please take this assignment as seriously as you have all of the others.
Your analysis and response should start with the text itself. Read it at least once