Textual Analysis Of Ethos Pathos Logos

Words: 1858
Pages: 8

The commercial feature logos thought the use of many specific statistics and details to appeal to logic; both visual and verbal were use by the rethor or advertiser to win the audience’s trust. To show how effective the product is the commercial had printed words like “100% poreless” referring to one of the aspect the skin should have to look perfect. As a matter of fact, a scene of the commercial show proof by sharing what their product does right after a voice in the background ask for proof. The scene portray a little boy using a magnify glass to look at the model’s skin as the narrator saying how the product vanishes pores and how it make the shin smoother. The promoter use comparison to give the audience a better idea of the smoothness of the skin.
Maybelline’s cosmetic line triggers emotional appeal on women of all ages. Maybe she was born with it, Maybe its Maybelline, their slogan accentuates femininity, in other words this powerful, yet simple phrase tends to make women believe that their product line will increase their beauty by giving them a natural look, so natural that people might not even notice. Because everyone want to looks more attractive and more appealing to others, especially
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In addition to that, they let women know that their foundation can be easily apply the speaker don’t only says it, advertiser also display a scene where Emma stone applied the foundation with just her finger tip. In other words, to draw in the viewers more to buying their products, the promoter convinces its audience by telling them, the Revlon foundation make up is better than any others, because it feels better and it is easy to