Textual Analysis Of The Movie The Sandlot

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“The Sandlot” is a very popular 90’s cinematic classic and surprisingly the first time I ever heard of or watched it was during class. It is a very light-hearted film that I quickly fell in love with. I attended each class period progressly more excited in order to finish viewing the film. Consequently, when it was over I wanted to watch it again. I believe the story line is very well written, and it exhibits many examples of the different concepts discussed in class. I have decided to focus on several of the basic concepts I have learned, because these came to me immediately while watching the film. The three concepts that are prevalent and I identified in “The Sandlot” are ilinx, integrated motivation, and social motivators. In “The Sandlot” all of the boys went to the fair together one night during the summer. The boys ran around riding roller coasters that spun in circles …show more content…
He strives to improve every time he steps out on the field with the rest of the boys. He imagines himself doing bigger and better things in his future regarding baseball, and the other boys continuously let him know this as well. While I was sitting in class watching Benny continually pushing himself, I immediately thought of a concept that I learned near the beginning of class, which is integrated motivation. Integrated motivation is a motivation theory as well as a self-determination theory. People are motivated to grow and achieve if a task has meaning and value to them in their lives. When a performance in an activity matches a person’s values and desires it is defined as integrated motivation. Benny was going to the field everyday with the boys working on the development of his catching, batting, and baseball endurance, as he knew that he wanted to play major league baseball. His performance in baseball matched his personal desires for his