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Thannia Huerta
March 5, 2012
English 099
“Dance with the Devil” There are many songs that send specific messages for teens, and as children grow up, they go through different stages of trouble. With the lack of role models in a teenager’s life, it leads to depression and gets teens into gangs and drugs as a way to get away. This is what Immortal Technique recites in the song, “Dance with the Devil”. This song is socially in powering because it shows children, growing up to be teens, not to make choices that can maybe regret later in life, because all choices come with a consequence. Teenagers that grow up with any type of role models such as parents, have it harder in life rather than a teen with both parents because both are there to encourage them. Teenagers see life different when they have no one to look up to and that does affect them in the long run. The most affected are young men and women. For young boys, growing up without a father role model, tend to abuse drugs, and for young girls, growing up without a mother role model, tend to drink to excessively. (www.dailymail). As it states on the Mail online website, “Teenagers without parental role model are 67 percent likely to get a job”. Teenagers fall into where they have to do crime as a result of being unemployed, majority of the young people that lack of a positive figure also are most likely to feel suicidal than those who do have one, and as Immortal Technique says in his song “Dance with the Devil”, “A corrupted young mind, at age thirteen, Nigga never had a father and his mom was a fiend.” That’s when it all started for this young boy In Immortal Techniques song. Not having a positive role model can also lead kids into doing drugs and joining gangs. “He wanted to be major like the cut throats and the thugs, but when he tried to step to them, niggas showed him no love. They told him any motherfucking coward can sell drugs, any bitch nigga with a gun, can bust slugs, any nigga with a red shirt can front like a blood, even puffy smoked a mother fucker up in a club, but only a real thug can stab someone till they die, standing in front of them, starring straight into their eyes. Billy realized that these men were well guarded and they wanted to test him, before business started, suggested raping a bitch to prove he was cold hearted, so now he had a choice between going back to his life or making money with made men, up min a cife, his dream about cars and ice made him agree.” In these lyrics of the song “Dance with the Devil” the young boy wanted to be part of a gang and to try to be part of it, he would sell and beat up other people on sight just to prove himself to this gang, but the gang tells him that doing all that stuff any one can do and get away, but to prove himself to this gang he had to rape a woman, and he would be in, he thought on the big money he would get with the gang so he said yes. The reasons that young men join gangs are because ““some are drawn by parties, girls and drugs.” “Some are looking for respect and power.” “Some find a feeling of caring and attention in a gang. It becomes family to them.” “Some want to make money-to help out at home or to have nice clothes, etc. …” “Some join for self-protection because they are picked on by other gang members.” “Some grow up in a neighborhood where it is a way of life.” “Most have some real or imagined problem at home that makes them prefer the streets.” “Some gang members are addicted to drugs. The problems at home can become worse because parents don’t know how to cope with their addiction.””( These are all different reasons why kids join gangs, and joining can lead them into drugs. Teens these days think doing drugs is a way to get accepted into society, and even fixing problems, little do these teens know that that’s not true. Statistics show that “fatherless young people are 80.3 percent more likely to be involved in anti-social behavior, 76.4 percent more likely