the 1885 rebellion Essay

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Dear Mr. Prime Minister: I am one of the Métis in the rebellion. The process for the government making national policy accumulate our grievance or even hatred, we have no alternative but to rebel. As a mater of fact, all the things happened can avoided at adequate disposal of government. When you began with making treaties with Aboriginal people, our traditional life gradually became another pattern that no longer familiar to us. We seem to be benefit a lot from the appearance of those treaties. Area of reserve, every year's gratuity and annuity, healthcare, school, assistance of farming were included in the paper of treaties. In fact, to some extent, what government have actually done go against those treaties. The Indian Act defined the Aboriginal people, which we are Métis out of range. As a consequence, we can choose "either take an Indian identity and become part of treaty or take scrip and remain outside the treaty arrangements and away from reserve lands."1 Specifically, the policy "deliberately dispossessed of the land promise us in the Manitoba Act." 2We seem to lose all the rights and benefits that Riel fought for us. The increasing number of immigrants who live depend on agriculture changes our hunting life style and forces us to move further west. Even thought we can purchase the land in the area we move to using scrip, the price is too high that we can not afford. Besides, the land mode of the traditional arrangement do not be permitted. The buffalos that we live off has dramatically declined. We are now afflicted with the disappearance of our only live support. Since the representation right do not be given, circumstances oblige us to try every possible means to pour out grievance to government. In spite of those petitions that we submitted to authorities, we have never ever received any reply. With the coming of North-West mounted Police and surveyor and all the sufferings above, the contradiction sparked. Thus, the only solution for us was resort to Riel again and raise the rebellion. If the government had taken into consideration the situation, the rebellion could have been prevented. Therefore, before serious issue getting worse, feasible measures should be taken. The first and most vital solution is to repeal the provisions, which explain the exclusion of Métis from Aboriginal People and tend to suppress and civilize Aboriginal peoples. It deprive us of our proper right, freedom and traditional life style. The entirely unequal provisions led to the loss of all our land and became a potential factor of the rebellion. Depending on